Meredith Jade Garrett

Writer • Story-teller • Poet • Photographer 

Bringing the Iron Men to Life • The University of the South

Everybody who passes through Sewanee’s stone gates—visitors, prospective students, lost souls who take a wrong turn off I-24—will all have one experience in common: They won’t be on the Domain for long before hearing about the Sewanee football team of 1899. In the usual telling of the story, the season played by that team seems more like legend than history—a bit of folklore with a religious slant.

Making Haste with Waste • The University of the South

At the University Farm, Chris Hornsby, C’19, and his team of hard-working fly larvae are working to change how the world converts food waste to useful compost. hile you might get squeamish at the thought of maggots working their way through a mountain of discarded food waste, Chris Hornsby, C’19, has spent four years studying the process, and he’s here to tell you that it’s more appealing than abhorrent, more captivating than creepy, more engrossing than gross.
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A little about me...

I am a writer & Enneagram 4. As a kid, I read every book I could get my hands on. I was a learner, bird watcher, poet, watercolorer, and observer. Now as an adult with a degree in English, I still try to emulate all those authors, artists, and adventurers who raised me. 

When I’m not busy being contemplative, I love staying active with fitness and surrounding myself with green things and waterways. Fall is my favorite season, and cinnamon rolls are my guilty pleasure.

I'm also a street poet. I love taking my 1940s Corona typewriter out into the community to tell stories and make collaborative art. 

Most of all, I feel like genuine connection with people is at the core of any successful marketing strategy. I find deep fulfillment in being part of a team that values people and their stories.